sheepskin premium leather jacket design

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Introducing our Sheepskin Premium Leather Jacket, a pinnacle of opulence and
refinement that transcends the boundaries of conventional outerwear. This jacket is not
merely a garment; it is an opulent expression of discerning taste and unparalleled
craftsmanship, tailored for those who seek the epitome of style and sophistication.
Crafted from genuine shearling sheepskin, this jacket elevates the concept of luxury to
new heights. The velvety texture and sumptuous warmth of the shearling redefine the
essence of comfort and elegance. This isn’t just a jacket; it’s a tactile experience, a
sartorial indulgence that speaks volumes about your commitment to unparalleled
Every detail of this premium jacket reflects our unwavering dedication to excellence.
Sourced from the finest sheep, the supple leather is a canvas for artisanal mastery,
ensuring that each stitch contributes to a wearable masterpiece. Immerse yourself in the
intricate design, where precision and sophistication converge to create a harmonious
blend of tradition and modernity.
Indulge in the unrivaled comfort and distinctive style that our Shearling Premium
Leather Jacket provides. The natural variations in the sheepskin ensure that each jacket
is a unique testament to individuality, adding a touch of bespoke charm to your
ensemble. This isn’t just fashion; it’s an exploration of elegance and an investment in
enduring grace.
Key Features:
 Genuine Shearling Sheepskin for Unparalleled Softness and Warmth
 Meticulous Craftsmanship for Superior Quality
 Timeless Design Infused with Modern Sophistication
 Natural Variations for a Distinctive, Individual Look
Elevate your style with our Sheepskin Premium Leather Jacket—an epitome of luxury
and refined taste. This isn’t merely outerwear; it’s an invitation to embrace sophistication
and make an everlasting impression. A fusion of tradition and contemporary flair, this
jacket is poised to accompany you on your journey with enduring grace and style.

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SizeJacket ChestSuitable Person ChestShoulderSleeves
XSmall (XS)42'' (107cm)36'' - 38'' (92cm - 97cm)18'' (46cm)25.5'' (65cm)
Small (S)44'' (112cm)38'' - 40'' (97cm - 102cm)18'.5' (47cm)26'' (66cm)
Medium (M)46'' (117cm)40''' - 42'' (102cm - 107cm)19'' (49cm)26.5'' (67.5cm)
Large (L)48'' (122cm)42'' - 44'' (107cm - 112cm)19.5 (49cm)27'' (68.5cm)
XLarge (XL)52'' (132cm)45'' - 48''(114cm - 122cm)21'' (54.5cm)27.5'' (70cm)
XXLarge (XXL, 2XL)54'' (137cm)48'' - 50''(122cm - 127cm)22'' (56cm)28'' (71.5cm)
XXXLarge (XXXL, 3XL)56'' (142cm)50'' - 52'' (127cm - 132cm)23'' (58.5cm)28.5'' (72.5cm)
XXXXLarge (XXXXL,4XL)58'' (147cm)52'' - 54'' (132cm - 137cm)23.5 (60cm)29'' (74cm)
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